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Deque WorldSpace Comply

Rutgers has purchased licenses for Deque WorldSpace Comply as the main tool for accessibility reporting.

WorldSpace Comply acts as an enterprise spider crawler, utilizing custom scans to dive deep into websites and pick up issues on each page. These issues are grouped by priority, as well as by type. It provides information to the scanner why it is an issue, how it affects their users, and potential means of fixing the issue. It not only produces results but also teaches it’s users how to be accessible while using it. A single organization can host unlimited website scans, allowing large departments to keep track of the various websites under one umbrella.

To see an example of the tool, we’ve created a scan of the W3C’s Before and After Demonstration, as the site has been developed with inaccessibility in mind. WorldSpace can provide a sharable link to distribute the results to team members and site owners, just as we’ve done in this example project.

For more information or to request access to WorldSpace Comply, please contact the Accessibility team at Please note that logins are limited at this time.

Learning WorldSpace Comply

To help new users learn the tool, we’ve created a simple Quick Reference Guide that goes over the necessary basics.

In tandem with Deque WorldSpace, Rutgers has also purchased licenses to Deque University for self-paced accessibility training for web design, web development, and content development. Details can be found on our Support & Training page.

Browser Plugins

Deque has also made the following plugins available for free use. It utilizes the same ruleset as WorldSpace Comply but works as an in-browser tool that scans the current page in the browser window. This means it can also scan pages that are not on the public internet, behind logins, or generated from a local sandbox site. The issues scanned from these tools can also be uploaded to WorldSpace Comply. The following two are available:

Additional Information on WorldSpace

Learn more about WorldSpace functions.