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Axe Monitor new project

Deque axe Monitor has the ability to have infinite projects beneath a single organization, meaning having multiple projects for different domains and URLs.

Please be aware that there are particular steps added to this process for the Rutgers instance of axe Monitor.

Creating the Project

On the Home Menu page under Quick Links is ‘Create an organization project’. Clicking this will begin the process of making a new project.

The link directs to a blank template with information to submit in order to create a new project. The following variables are important to be aware of while filling the form:

  • Create Organization Project for: If your login is associated with multiple Organizations, it is important to ensure the correct one is chosen here from the dropdown menu.
  • Project Name: This is the title for the project and can be labeled however wished.
  • Scan starts at this URL: URL must include HTTP:// or HTTPS:// . It does not need to start at the home page first and can be started directories within the website, such as To keep it within that directory requires updating the scan settings, which is covered in a later section.
  • Scan Domain: By default, it will grab the original domain, which in many cases is Ensure that this is updated to reflect any subdomains attached to the URL.
    • Be aware that scanning websites that have subdomains may pick up those domains in the scan, even if they aren’t part of the original site. For example, doing a scan of may also pick up if links from the original site are there. To avoid these issues, the scan settings must be updated as well.
  • Scan Level: Our team advises starting all scans at “Scan the Start Page and all Pages One Level Down.” This gets the best snapshot of the overall accessibility of the template, to which can house issues repeated across the website.
  • Scan Options: Choose the Basic Scan, as other options aren’t actually available.

These settings are also not set in stone. At any time they can be edited and expanded to best suit the team’s needs.

Once the Organization is created, it will begin the Initial Scan. If edits need to be done to the scan settings in order to best prioritize and present pages, cancel the scan and run it again after settings has been updated.

Update Project Settings

One issue with creating new projects is that the only user associated with the project is the one who created it. No other members of the Organization or even Systems Administrators will see the new project or its results.

To ensure that access is spread to all needed parties, the Project Settings need to be updated.

Within Settings -> Project are all the settings for the project. Use the dropdown beside “General Project Settings for:” to ensure that the correct project has been selected.

Add Correct Administrators

General settings contain basic information about the Project. This includes editing the name, as well as editing the administrators.

By default, the system only adds the creator as an administrator. Even if only the creator of the project will act as the administrator for it, it is important that the systems administrator is added.

Note: account should be made an administrator on all created projects. Search for ‘accessibility’ and add the associating email to all created projects. This ensures that the systems administrator for Deque on the Rutgers side has access to the project and can quickly assist in issues or questions.

Please be aware that the ‘add’ box only shows emails of users, and that use of the search function will only allow those filtered and clicked to be added.

Adding User Groups

Upon creation of the Organization, the Accessibility team creates two groups:

  • Users: Includes all members of the team signed up to the organization.
  • Accessibility Team: Includes members of the accessibility team.

Groups assigned to a project does not give them administrative access, but still gives them access to the project and allows them to see it within axe Monitor with their other organization projects. They also can serve as a backup to ensure that future members added to the project will also see older projects without needing to be added manually to each one.

Within Settings -> Project, on the secondary nav is Groups.

Here both the suggested groups created in the Organization Settings and the available groups are listed. Click ‘Users’, if available ‘Accessibility Team’, and any other potential groups wished to the project.

After they’ve been added, all users within the groups will have basic user access to the new project.