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Axe Monitor exporting data

Due to the limited logins available to Rutgers, we generally advise that upon project creation, only developers or designers who will actively be utilizing the tool have login access. However, this data is still important to other users and team members such as site users, site owners, content developers, etc. Axe Monitor does have a system of exporting data directly out of projects that can provide digital documentation for any and all team members related to your website.

There are two available options of sharing the overall data from the Project Dashboard: exporting to an excel file or sharing a URL to the project.

Project Dashboard navigation bar


Export to Excel

Creates and downloads an .xls file based on the date range selected. The Excel file provides the following:

  • The Project Snapshot.
  • The Snapshot of issues as seen on the Project Dashboard.
  • Issues that have been assigned to users.
  • A list of scans, and how many pages have been scanned by them.

Share report

This option does not create a downloaded file and instead generates a URL which can be shared to users without login. With this link, they are able to view the project as a guest. Guest have full user access to viewing the Dashboard, filter, and dive into Pages or Issues, see the Scans and even see certain Settings. They are also capable of downloading their own .xls file of the Project Snapshot. They simply have no capabilities of adjusting any settings or assigning issues or pages to users.

Sharing Report links are also available on the top of the Pages section, as well as the Issues section.

If this option does not show up in on your team’s dashboard, please contact the Web Accessibility Team to make sure Organization settings are correct.