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Installation of Cisco AMP

Please review the overview of antivirus software for University-owned equipment and personally owned equipment before installing antivirus software.

Note that for University-owned equipment, you should reach out to your department’s IT staff before installing or uninstalling antivirus software.

Uninstalling Symantec

(If you do not have a previous Symantec product installed, skip this step.)

For Windows, download and run the Symantec CleanWipe Tool.

1.  Click here to download the CleanWipe Tool.

2.  Run the CleanWipe.exe file.

3.  Follow the onscreen instructions and select “Client Software” and “Windows LiveUpdate” from the product selection list.

4.  This process may take several minutes and will auto-resume after a reboot if necessary.

For Macintosh, uninstall the Symantec Endpoint Protection client.

1.  On the Macintosh computer, click the Symantec Endpoint Protection client icon on the menu bar, and then click Uninstall.

2.  Click Uninstall again to begin the uninstallation.

3.  When you are prompted, authenticate with your Mac’s administrative user name and password.

4.  Once the uninstallation completes, click Restart Now.

Download and run AMP for Endpoints
(Faculty and staff only, for University-owned equipment.)

Windows Installation:

1.  Click here to download the AMP Installer.

2.  If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then click Continue.

3.  The Default installation destination is C:\Program Files\Cisco\AMP.

4.  Click on Install.

   5.  When the Installation has completed click Next.

6.  Check the Box to create a desktop shortcut if desired.

7.  Click Close.

8. AMP will launch and display the status as Connected.

Mac Installation:

1.  Click here to download the AMP Installer for Mac.

2.  Run the PKG file to initiate the installation.

3.  The package will determine if Cisco AMP can be installed, click Continue.

4.  Accept the EULA and continue.

5.  Click Install.

6.  You will be prompted to enter your credentials to allow the installation.

7.  Upon completion you may be notified “System Extension Blocked“; you will need to enable the application in System Preferences.

  • To enable the application if you received the aforementioned notification, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy.
  • Toward the bottom of this window, you will be able to click Allow to enable Cisco AMP.