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Annual Review 2020-2021

Supercomputers solve super complex problems

Need to analyze a trillion data points? Call OARC.

The Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC) is the go-to resource for Rutgers researchers and scholars facing complex computational problems like modeling the climate, analyzing protein structures, or exploring ancient music. OARC offers a world-class supercomputing envorinment, the Amarel system, and experts who can help researchers use it. 

New workshops and learning opportunities

In addition to OARC‘s standard research computing workshops and how-to sessions, new workshops have been added that highlight applications of artificial intelligence, geospatial information systems, and clinical informatics.

Hundreds of faculty, staff, and students from more than 130 departments (in-person or virtually) have attended OARC research computing workshops.

Amarel delivers research computing to revolutionize science, engineering, and scholarship

Amarel has been used to model everything from ocean tides to COVID-19’s spread to the Big Bang, and, as it continues to grow more powerful, its ability to perform analyses keeps increasing.

   688 nodes

   170 GPUs

   20,796 cores

CPU core-hour usage is increasing dramatically year over year. The surge in Amarel core-hour usage is a testament to the power of the computing cluster and the trust that researchers have in OARC.

Research Stats

   1.189 quadrillion mathematical operations per second, peak performance

   350+ Rutgers departments, institutes, and organizations conducting research or driving analytical reporting using OARC systems

   600+ faculty, staff, and students from 130 departments across Rutgers campuses have attended high performance computing training

59 million new research awards for OARC-partnered projects since March 2016

   30+ courses have used Amarel as a computing platform