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Annual Review 2020-2021

Remote support for remote work

When the pandemic made remote work a necessity, Rutgers IT provided faculty, staff, and students with the tools they needed to keep working and the support they needed to keep their technology running.

Accessing sensitive materials from anywhere

Demand for space on the university’s virtual private network (VPN) soared during the early days of the pandemic. Rutgers IT responded by dramatically expanding capacity, and VPN usage remained high throughout 2021.

Average concurrent VPN users PRE-pandemic

Average concurrent VPN users POST-pandemic

RU-INFO goes virtual

Before the pandemic, RU-INFO was only set up to provide one-stop telephone support for students at Rutgers–New Brunswick from its offices. Soon after the pandemic struck, the Office of Information Technology provided RU-INFO with its virtual contact center (VCC) software and trained 40 RU-INFO agents to use it, allowing them to provide support from anywhere.

Managing Rutgers computers in any location

BeyondTrust (formerly known as Bomgar) provides tools that allow IT workers to take control of end-user devices, regardless of their location, and perform nearly any type of software-related support. It was commonly used at Rutgers before the pandemic, but the move to working from home saw usage skyrocket as in-person support transitioned to remote support.

Annual remote support sessions pre-COVID

Annual remote support sessions post-COVID