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Annual Review 2020-2021

Keeping data safe and organized

A new position to fight a growing threat

Rutgers took another major step toward increasing IT security when it hired Guy Albertini to be its first chief information security officer (CISO). Albertini, who is also an associate vice president, will work to make data access hard for cybercriminals but easy for Rutgers community members.

Data centers at Rutgers: Safeguarding assets and hosting critical services for the university

Rutgers faculty, students and staff produce enough data to occupy

7 geographically distributed data centers

that run 24/7, all to ensure that the university’s valuable intellectual property is on-hand when community members need it.

Two-step login keeps our data safe

In an effort to protect itself against cybercriminals, Rutgers began requiring all faculty and staff to confirm their identities with Duo after logging in to most university accounts and apps.

Unauthorized Rutgers Connect email users in the six months before two-step login: 210

Unauthorized Rutgers Connect email users after the requirement of two-step login: 0

Website resources

Information Security

The Information Security website is a one-stop shop for information about IT security policy, staff compliance training, risk management, and risk assessments.


Phish Bowl

Protect your identity and the university’s network. Learn how to identify a phishing scam and report suspected scams at the Phish Bowl website.


Virtual infrastructure provides tangible benefits

Faster provisioning and reductions in hardware and power consumption are just a few advantages of using virtual infrastructure from the Office of Information Technology (OIT), rather than purchasing and managing your own. The benefits of OIT’s server systems include:

  • scale securely
  • load-balancing
  • backup and restore capabilities
  • network monitoring and security
  • savings from economies of scale and reduced power consumption

malicious network attacks blocked

electrical sensors making sure data is securely stored and always available by monitoring the status of the power and cooling services across OIT-managed data centers


data center availability