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Reshaping healthcare


Develop and implement an IT roadmap to help Rutgers Health become a national leader in reshaping healthcare


Robust technology systems power Rutgers Health’s partnerships and value-based healthcare
We will support the goal of Rutgers Health becoming a national leader in reshaping healthcare by partnering with provider organizations to design and implement a next-generation infrastructure and support model. We will enhance the quality of care delivered to our patients by providing strategic leadership in governing, planning, and implementing standardized technology solutions that enable the delivery of value-based healthcare and a comprehensive clinical informatics program.

Key elements

  • Single patient record
  • Connect continuum of care through integration solutions (schools/units/affiliates/etc.)
  • Common patient portal
  • Common patient call center
  • Data warehouse: clinical, financial, and outcome data
  • Analytics: predictive modeling, clinical, and economical
  • Decision support: best practice solutions for care planning and care management
  • Infrastructure to support platforms and technologies deployed
  • Secure environment for restricted data
  • Coordinated data security assessments
  • Development of dashboards to monitor quality and performance
  • IT governance and support model
  • Coordination among mission areas: academic, research, clinical


  • Convene Rutgers Health Steering Committee
  • Identify stakeholders and ongoing governance
  • Inventory existing solutions (internal/external)
  • Develop integration through common patient portal (single patient record)
  • Identify data needs for predictive modeling
  • Identify resources, budget model
  • Identification of quality and performance metrics
  • Develop unified support model
  • Develop security model and oversight
  • Create IT roadmap with Steering Committee

Current initiatives

  • Defining a roadmap for IT
  • Defining a strategy and architecture for data
  • Establishing IT governance in each school/unit
  • Evaluating and remediating risk factors as outlined by federal compliance policies, such as HIPAA