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Delivering fast, reliable internet


Provide one high-speed, reliable, and secure Rutgers network


A secure, unified communications and network infrastructure to support the needs of Rutgers’ research, education, and clinical communities
A robust network is essential to the university. Internet connectivity, videoconferencing, telephones, and other systems must be pervasive and seamlessly integrated with the everyday technologies and tools used by students, faculty, and staff. The infrastructure and enabling support network will provide a flexible, standardized, “end-to-end” environment that will result in a uniform experience and greater collaboration across the institution.

Key elements

  • Defined IT community roles/responsibilities
  • Reliable, robust, always up
  • Fast
  • Fast, responsive, 24-hour support
  • User is identifiable, network knows who I am
  • Meets my needs
  • Customers never think about the network
  • Unified, seamless environment
  • Easy to use
  • Secure
  • Pervasive; everywhere


  • Assess current infrastructure and understand current key stakeholder experience; what works and what needs to
  • work better
  • With input from the university’s IT community, design future state architecture including access, roles, and responsibilities and a network security strategy
  • Design a key stakeholder service model which is transparent and flexible
  • Develop strategy for supporting non-affiliated members of Rutgers community
  • Develop ongoing service and support model including training
  • Identify performance and customer satisfaction metrics
  • Develop budget model and time-phased implementation plan

Current initiatives

  • Building a Network Master Plan
  • Defining and deploying a standardized video configuration
  • Evaluating expansion of Internet2
  • Expanding service coverage to 24×7