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Create an effective online presentation with help from LinkedIn Learning

Whether you’re a student or a professional, knowing how to create and execute an impactful presentation is a vital skill. However, with the growing popularity of remote work, you may not know how to shift your presentations to fit an online setting. Fortunately, LinkedIn Learning offers tutorials and tools to help you design and share effective online presentations. 

Presenting live online
If you’re looking for a quick tutorial on how to share your presentation online, this video is for you. Using the popular Microsoft PowerPoint program, LinkedIn Learning Tech Consultant Jess Stratton demonstrates multiple ways to present your project virtually. 

Recording lectures and presentations 
From the course Teaching with Technology, this video focuses on how to use technologies such as Screencast, Lecture-Capture and VoiceThread to enhance online lectures and presentations. While this course is mainly geared towards teachers, it contains valuable information for anyone looking to pre-record and share their presentations online. 

Own your voice: Improve presentations and executive presence
Useful for both in-person and online presentations, this course teaches how to express yourself with confidence when speaking in front of an audience. Since body language is not as visible online, focusing on your verbal communication can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your presentation.

Present remotely 
Using the free cloud-based tool, Prezi, this video illustrates how to present your project to a remote audience through your web browser. Another video provides guidance on how to present remotely from an IOS or Android device.

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